The holidays are quickly approaching, so it’s time you start thinking about potential gifts for your closest friends and family members. Some people are easy to shop for – you might know exactly what cookbook to purchase for your mother or which yoga accessory your friend wants most. But this isn’t the case for everyone and you might even find it impossible to find something he or she will remotely like.

If you have someone in your social circle who you are unsure about buying for but you know one of their hobbies is growing and smoking cannabis, consider following this gift guide. Especially if you are living up north where people are able to legally grow weed in Canada, you yourself might even want to purchase these smoking and growing accessories and essentials! Check out the top gifts this holiday season for your cannabis loving friends and family.

Fiskars Trimming Scissors

Growers all over the world agree that the best pair is trimming scissors comes from the Fiskars company. Weed trimmers who are trimming for personal use or larger-scale production review Fiskars as being the best for several reasons. They have a powerful spring that works at reducing some of the manual labor of trimming, and the pointy tips are ideal for trimming leaves down to the bud.

What a Plant Knows: A Field Guide to the Senses by Daniel Chamovitz

If you have an intermediate or expert level grower in your social circle who enjoys settling down with a good book, purchase What a Plant Knows. Although it does not contain a lot of beginner-level knowledge, it holds a wealth of information for growers who are familiar with the growing process. The interesting thing is that this book is not even specifically about cannabis but rather plants in general and it teaches you everything about how a plant reacts to its environment. Even expert growers might learn a thing or two by flipping through these pages.

zOrb Digital Magnifier

The most exciting part of the growing process is typically harvest time when your plants are ready to be picked. When it’s time to chop down the crop, many growers get a bit too eager and harvest too soon. This is a common error and can lead to weed that falls flat of your expectations. The best way to determine proper harvest time is to invest in a magnifying glass or microscope. Your growing friend is sure to love the zOrb digital magnifier which actually connects to your laptop or other device, giving you an insanely clear view of your buds and allowing you to determine prime picking time.

Green Plant Light

During the flowering state of the grow process, your plants should be in complete darkness for twelve hours of the day. These nighttime hours are crucial for producing healthy plants and potent cannabis and should not be interrupted. What happens if you need to check something in your grow room when the lights are off? If you give the gift of a green plant light to your growing friend, he or she will never experience this issue. A green light allows you to check on your plants without disturbing them or interrupting their sleep cycle.