Whether you are going on any trip or visiting family reunion, the main reason is to worry is to look good without any stress. But the good news is some tips maintain our beauty whether you are traveling around the world or business trip or somewhere else. From show-star to flight attendee, here you will find the beauty tips for you as per your role.


Before you are going to the fly, apply intense moisturizer the night before. Moisturizer increases the hydration in your skin and balances the dehydration of cabin pressure.

Skip Foundation

Wear the moisturizer only and do not apply the foundation on the day of your trip. Add little moisturizer before you land as it gives you a fresh and healthy look. Make sure that you put primer- a silicon-based liquid or cream first. It puts protection between skin and makeup in the form of a layer. Also, it helps your skin to become dehydrated from blush and foundation.

Spray With Mineral Water

To looking refresh while traveling, do not rely more on blush or foundation. Instead of it, use a spray of mineral water and a bit of moisturizer.

Remove Excess Oil Of The Skin With Blot

To avoid the oily skin while traveling, use the blotting papers or rice papers and apply it on “T” zone when necessary. It can absorb excess oil without stripping moisture.

Add Some Shimmer

Does traveling leave you feeling the skin the light hits? Now leave this complexion with a soft shimmer powder or cream. On the cheeks, lips or bridge of the nose, stroke it lightly for instant freshness. You can also add moisture and color to your dehydrating skin, by using the combination of cream blush and lip balm.

Avoid Long-Lasting Lipsticks

To give color to your lips color, do not use the long lasting lipsticks as it will only dehydrate and dry the lips. Instead of it, color your lips with several coats of a lip stain and once it dry cover it with clear gloss.

Apply Lip Treatment Generously

If you want to protect your lips further, you can carry a lip treatment in your bag. For instance, use a medicated lip balm, that will not rub your lipstick as well as keep your lips hydrated. You can use it during flight, bus and train rides. It also works when high heat or air conditioning that cause your lips to dehydrate.

Chill Out Puffy Eyes

After a long trip, reduce under-eye puffiness by putting cruising eyes in a cotton cloth and apply it under eyes. It immediately gives you a fresh look.

Perk Up Your Peepers

Reading novels or watching few movies during flight makes your eyes red, watery and less attractive. To avoid it, bring eye drops with you. They will lubricate and relieve your eyes while reading or watching movies and wake up your eyes with a nap.

Get Your Beauty Rest

If you are taking a nap during traveling, use super rich cream around your eyes. It will help you to look fresher and relaxed when you wake up.